Pebble paper

A paper so exclusive it commands its own category. Pebble paper conveys elegance and luxury.

The invitations set the tone for this special day since it is the very first thing your guest will see regarding your upcoming nuptials. Wedding invitations offer a glimpse into the style, theme, and vision for this special occasion.Invitations that are attractive and speak to the specific character of the bride and groom make a considerable impact on those they reach. They also make wonderful memorabilia to look back on for decades to come.

At Lilian Designs Studios we work hard to deliver a very creative, unique, and personalized set of wedding invitations. We are one of the few companies in the area to focus almost exclusively on creating custom wedding invitations.

Some of our exclusive designs include pocket invitations, lace invitations, silk pocket invitations, embossed invitations and letterpress invitations.




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